More Songs About Buildings and Food*

(*With apologies to David Byrne and Talking Heads.)

When did I last post?  A week?  How did that happen?  Well, I’m still getting used to this new schedule which is fine as long as I get my nap before 2nd half of shift.  Then, last week, we kept meeting our quota early, so it was log off and wait.  I don’t do well waiting, at least not in a work situation.  And then it seemed like I was having to work a couple hours every day just to keep up with my lines.   Finally last weekend when it happed for the third weekend in a row, I emailed the supervisory team and said 4 days off didn’t mean much when I was going to have to work at least a couple of hours 7 days a week to meet my required time/lines.  Bam!  Got a response from the company president stating that 1) I should be put on a back up account ASAP and 2) People with my schedule were to be given precedence for work flow.  Have to say, that made me feel pretty good.  I got released from my training supervisor with 99.39% accuracy, so now I’m on full production.  It’s crazy how differet a vibe I get from this place to the last one.  People are responsive and pleasant, very helpful and encouraging.  I don’t feel so lost in the woods or think it’s just sill to ask a question because it will never be answered.  The type of work hasn’t changed, the platform is slightly different, but similar to the one I worked on before, so it’s just weird.  You can’t tell me that companies don’t have their unique personalities because they do and corporate culture is contaigious.  So far, I like this place and with luck I might be in an admin/training position in a year or so.  I’d like to stick around and this seems like a good place to do it.

Update on feet, etc.  G and I did that 6-mile walk yesterday.   I’m still taping my foot and it still seems to be working, though I did get one more small blister yesterday where I think I might have had a wrinkle in the tape.  Plus, I was walking with new shoes.  I finally broke down and bought some TRAINING shoes at DSW in Co. Springs.  It’s a great place to buy good shoes at decent prices.   Of course, these are men’s trainers, because my feet seem to be getting bigger and bigger in my old age.  Oh, well, maybe they will keep me from falling over in the long run.  I love these shoes:

Plus, I now have silver sneakers to wear to our “Silver Sneakers” exercise program at the gym.  I swear I never thought about that until I got home and put them on again.  Anyway.  It was a lovely day yesterday, in the 40s when we left, sun shining bright, perfect for walking.  G talked about the gym, but after 3 days of 12 hours at the computer, I wanted to be OUTSIDE.  We did the same walk to the library, stopped for coffee and walked back a little slower, not because we were hurting but because we walked through neighborhoods that we often drive through but miss so much because of going faster.  You would be surprised how much you don’t see right around your own house when you drive.  Our walk home was like being a tourist in a somewhat familiar place.  We got to check out some landscaping, note the houses for sale or rent, and those that had been sold or rented.  It was just a great walk.  Today, G has a meeting with her trainer at the gym and I am going to attempt 6 minutes on the Stair Monster.  Have any of you ever done a Stair Master?  Oh, dear God. If ever there was an instrument of torture, that is it.  I managed 5 minutes last week.  I hope I can live through the extra minute this week.  Of course, I was next to some guy who had been going strong when I got on and was still climbing after I got off AND did 20 more minutes on the ellipitcal machine (which, oddly, I LOVE).  WHY does climbing stairs never get any easier?  Never.  The guy must have a resting heart rate of 12.

So, that’s my life the last few weeks.  Work and recover from work.  I’ve done a little writing, thinking about sending a couple of short stories off to a contest but deadline is Thursday and I’m only done with one.  So, send it, right?  What’s the worst?  I’m out 20 bucks for the submission fee. 

I hope to talk to my daughter this week about the holidays (Thanksgiving NEXT WEEK???? How did that happen) and to see if maybe the boys would like to venture down here on a bus during their Christmas break.  G will be going to visit her son in NY for a week at the beginning of December so I’ll bach it here with Skittles.  Maybe I have a surprise up my sleeve, too.  😉 

That’s about it for big news from here.  Before I start rambling, I’ll leave you with a  photo from my morning walk around the park today:

The smoke stacks are the Comanche Power Plant east of town.  And of course, your daily Skittles, not quite awake while mom has her coffee:

Have a great day!


2 thoughts on “More Songs About Buildings and Food*

  1. Who cuts Skittles hair? Do you take her for walks? I believe my Chihuahua could outrun a Greyhound. Maybe I shouldn’t have started her out running when she was little. Now, it’s a daily requirement.

    Good for you and the gym! Just another dimension to your love of exercise.

    Lovely pictures!

  2. Hi, Peg! We take Skittles to the same place we took Peaches. They have an AKC groomer there who is really good. For a while, Skittles didn’t seem to like to walk but we’ve been taking her out more and now she enjoys it. She loves to play with her mice, though. Squeaky cat toys, but she loves them. Got to be the terrier!

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