Loose Ends

It’s after midnight.  Just finished work and I don’t have to get up in the morning.  I realized today that this year, for Thanksgiving, we have nowhere to go and no one to go there with.  Not that we always spent the day with a bunch of people, but usually we had a couple of invites here or there.  This year, it seems as if a lot of our friends have fallen away.  With my daughter and the boys in Denver, they are going to her boyfriend’s extending family.  Our down the street neighbors who usually invite us, the husband has been having a number of health problems, and I don’t think they’ll be doing much either.  I feel odd not planning some kind of menu, but also completely uninspired to do so.  Perhaps I’ll fast.  There’s a different kind of Thanksgiving. 

Been getting some things done here and there.  It feels good.  My days off aren’t wasted just lazing around.  Tomorrow, we have a number of errands to run, taking a chair to be recovered, picking up a CD I had made from an old tape (not copyrighted), delivering a quilt that G finished.  More items ticked off the list.  Whatever the LIST is, but there’s always a list, isn’t there?  Things. To. Be. Done.  Busy human beings, buzzing around doing thing alla time.

I’m not sure what’s happened with our social contacts.  For a while, we were busy butterflies, going here and there.  A large part of it is my job, of course.  When you work when everyone else is off, eventually, no one is going to remember you used to show up, even though you try to keep in touch in other ways.  I’d like to try to think of something different and creative to do on TG but at this moment, when I can barely focus on the screen, my creativity quotient is pretty low.  A walk by the river, maybe the riverwalk in the evening with all the lights up.  That would be nice.  Maye we’ll just go out.  Or eat leftovers.  I once knew a women from a long-ago email list who did her best to have her family create TG dinner out of things they’d grown and put up themselves.  I think that’s a great idea.  We could do that.

I’m rambling.  I’m tired.  I should go upstairs and go to sleep but as soon as I lie down, I’ll probably buzz wide awake.  Typical.  Or G will be snoring and then it will be impossible for me to go to sleep.  Or I will go to sleep but then I’ll wake her up and tell her to move because I can’t sleep because she’s snoring (Apparently I did that last night.  I don’t remember.  I guess I was asleep.)

I get like this when I’m tired.  It’s like being drunk.  And just like that, if I don’t go get some sleep, I’ll feel hung over tomorrow.  I guess alcohol and sleep deprivation take the same toll on your brain.  So, I’m off to get horizontal.  Hopefully, the rest of you are already there.

Oh, and just because, here’s a photo of my daughter (and granddaughter to be) that she sent me last week:


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