Sprucing Up

For a while, we’ve been wanting a new couch.  Something smaller.  Our house was built in 1940, and the rooms are not like rooms in houses today.  Today’s furniture overwhelms rooms in houses like ours.  Sadly, it is nearly impossile to find couches that offer a little less footprint without practically going to a loveseat.  We’ve kept on looking.   G’s couch was great.  It was a sleeper and we all enjoyed it (boys included) for over a decade.  But, it was time to say goodbye.  The kids aren’t going to be around as much and I’ve been dying for some real lamps in the room for a long time.  Light to read by, real furniture.  We kept looking.  We’ve done this before, just put it out there and sooner or later, we’ll be somewhere, walk around the corner, and both of us will stop still and say, “That’s it!”  Sure enough, we were wandering around our local big box furniture store (though it is local to Colorado) and after we’d looked at all the stuff on the floor, I said, let’s go over here where the clearance stuff is. Yep.  There was the couch.  It was 79 inches to the current 84, but looked smaller because it didn’t have those big round arms.  Not a sleeper so not heavy as lead.  Then I saw a pair of really cool-looking lamps.  On sale.  And then they had end tables, real, honest to god end tables, also on sale.  We looked at each other.  We’ve discussed a new flat screen, but really, I’d much rather have the couch, tables and lamps.  So…before, as I’m sure you remember:


And our little end tables–G and I made them years ago.  Serviceable enough, but definitely nothing fancy:

So, now, we have what looks like a real room in a real house:

The couch came with the pillows, which I didn’t realize, and I love, Love, LOVE the endtables and lamps:

The room has such a warm, cozy feeling now, and G isn’t even freaking out because the couch is a lighter color.  The boys will be coming to visit in a couple of weeks, though, so that will probably change.  But all the above is not even the best part.  No.  G, in all her cataloging and Pintrest-ing, found the coolest things for the living room and our bedroom for the holiday season (and maybe beyond knowing us).  What is that, you may ask?

Lighted curtains!

Yes.  Especially in the bedroom, where we have the light-blocking shades at night, she found these sheer panels with tiny lights all through them for an amazing ambiance at night, when you want light but not THAT much light, especially when I come to bed at midnight.  Behold:

This was taken at night, no flash, obviously.  The window over the head of the bed.   And THEN, for the living room windows during Christmas:


They are definitely indoor lights, not for outside use, but we put a set in each of the three living room windows and hardly need the lamps at night.  I just love them.  They make the room glow with warmth.  I get happy just thinking about it. 

So, now we are off to deliver a quilt and have a bite at our favorite microbrew.  After that, back for my 2nd shift of work.  Hope you all had a wonderful TG and wishing you all a wonderful holdiay season full of beauty.


2 thoughts on “Sprucing Up

  1. super! and fairy lights definitely are not just for Christmas. I have them too..not lighted curtains (which I now covet) but strings of little yellow lights. Its wonderful what magic they bring to a room- why deprive self?

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