I’ve been walking around the park each morning when I get up.  I make a pot of coffee, pour myself  a cup and head out.  It’s a great way to start a day.  The traffic is usually pretty light, unless I get up later than usual, which I’ve been prone to do on my days off.  But, I usually have the park to myself.  In the far back corner, there’s a great view of the Wet Mountains to the southwest.  By the time I get there, the sun is coming up or is well up and the play of light over the peaks is never the same, and it never ceases to take my breath.  I love living here.  Every day, there is something that reminds me of that.  I am very grateful, despite all the monkey mind chatter.

This morning I shot up the shade when I woke up and thought something was different, but I didn’t realize what it was till I got to the kitchen to make coffee.  It snowed!!!  And it was still snowing!  We have had the weirdest fall/early winter.  Just yesterday it was in the 60’s breezy, more shirt-sleeve or sweater weather.  And dry.  The whole state is a tinderbox just waiting for some random spark to ignite it.  Most of you who don’t live around here might not have realized that Colorado Springs–yes, the actual city–came very close to being burned down last summer.  As many wonderful, brave and skilled firefighters as we had, they were helpless when mother nature decided to whip up her winds.  We got lucky, and the wind changed in favor of the firefighters.  Again, I’m glad I am nearly out on the prairie. Grass fires are not nearly so difficult to eradicate.

But this morning.  Sunday.  A quiet traffic day anyway, but with the snow?  Silent, muffled, covered.  I got out as quickly as I could, pulling out my trusty snow boots for the first time.  I wanted to make the first footprints around the park.  Silly, right?  The now was light, squeaky, sparkly under the street lights.  My black hoodie immediately started to turn white.  I was happy for all the layers.  I wasn’t a bit cold, just excited.  It was a quiet walk, no one else around; apparently no one else in the neighborhood even awake, till I got around by the tennis courts and realized one of our neighbors was out sweeping off his proch, steps, and ramp so his wife and daughter could get to the car to go to church.  He’s not in the best health, is our Richard, but he’s out there taking care of business for the family.  I was just across the street from him, but he didn’t see me and I didn’t call out.  The quiet was too nice.

Now I’m back inside where it’s warm, getting ready for my next 12 hours.  My high view from the window across from my desk shows some of the evergreen trees in the park dusted with a little of the snow.  It’s still overcast and might still be snowing; I can’t tell from here.  It’s still quiet though and I feel like I’ve taken a little bit of that wonderful winter stillness into my heart.  A quiet heart is a good thing.  I’ll hang on to that today.

Merry Christmas!



5 thoughts on “Finally!

  1. I saw the weather in GMA and thought of you with the snow. It does make everything quiet, doesn’t it? Our walks in the woods behind our home have been curtailed because of “Buck” season. When we do go, we wear orange. A few days ago my chihuahua ran off and was barking, barking..Finally when I had to go get her, she was at the bottom of a tree stand, where my neighbor was IN CAMEO! What an idiot! Next day he was in orange, which I can see from my kitchen window.

  2. Good afternoon Grumpy Granny,

    One of the best things about walking in the snow is the way it absorbs sound.

    Wanted your presence
    Haiku contest till midnight
    Come show us some Class

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