Haiku Monday – 12/31/12 – Sea Change

Good morning and Happy Solstice!  The news today is that Moi at Bite The Apple saw fit to choose me as winner for my haiku about resolution and my Camino challenge.  To say I’m flattered does not convey my surprise and joy at being chosen winner of this friendly competition for a third time.  Wow!

Now, I get to pick the next theme, and given the comments I’ve decided the deadline will be midnight on New Year’s Eve.  It’s obvious that we’re all going to be here–barring the usual risks of living in this crazy world–as 12/21/12 is already over for some folks in the world, and yet, here we are, still turning around the sun.

However.  That doesn’t mean that this old world couldn’t do with some vast improvement, not least in human behavior.  Linking with Moi’s theme of resolution, which always puts us in mind of a new year, my choice for the last Haiku Monday of 2012 is Sea Change.

A sea change is not just about doing something differently.  It’s a complete transformation of heart, thought, even belief.  Someone who has experienced a near-death event, be it on the operating table, walking away from a horrible car accident or surviving a natural disaster almost always comes away with a completely different take on their life and life in general.  A sea change.  We need this kind of change–in our government, our views about other countries and cultures, in our own habits of consumption and consumerism.  But any real change must come from within.  What sea changes have you undergone in your life?  How did they affect you?  How are you different? Who are you now?  Those are the questions I ask with this haiku challenge.

 The usual rules apply: 5-7-5, seasonal reference optional, visuals always welcome but not required.  You can post your haikus in the comments section of this post, which I will leave as the top post.  Those of you who read the blog but don’t play Haiku Monday can scroll down for other posts.

We’re on the edge of something here, people.  We can either fall over the cliff and plummet to certain death or we can open our hearts, jump blissfully, and grow our wings on the way down.  I look forward to everyone’s brilliant contributions.

Merry Christmas, Blessed Solstice, and a very happy New Year!


shore (640x480)


7 thoughts on “Haiku Monday – 12/31/12 – Sea Change

  1. First of all, Congrats on your win! 😀
    Secondly, I’m intrigued by the theme you chose and can’t wait to see what we all come up with!

    Have a happy Christmas filled with much peace, love and joy!

  2. Happy New Year, GrGr!

    I have been thinking about your theme quite a bit, and am delighted to post first. Visual is up.

    Unfettered tresses;

    locks tossed like twigs onto flames

    ignite; hear them roar.

  3. Happy New Year Grumpy Granny,

    I wish you and all of our other haiku friends a happy new year! We are on the edge and unfortunately going over in so many ways.

    Speed of change…wrong way
    Integrity and honor
    Lead to fulfillment

    Nanny state control
    The net losers rein affirmed
    Freedoms rights removed

    • The best of everything to you, Karl, and to all our haikuers! (Who, apparently, did not ring in the 2013 writing their haiku entries!)

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