My Own Sea Change

As you can see, I’ve undergone a bit of a sea change here myself.  I’ve been feeling the need lately, something of a clean slate.  I’m not sure what direction this blog may go in the new year, but I definitely want to take a new road.  Hence, for the time being, a cleaner, whiter palette.  There may still be photos, or I might start a separate blog or Tumblr, if I can figure out what exactly Tumblr is. 😉  Other changes are in the works, off the blog.

In the meantime, I’m here.  Boys are here, and they’re being good.  We discovered we can check Wii games out of the library!  The extra time off is really nice right now, though I’m working the next few days.  I’ve been able to spend some time alone with each of them.  GS1 grew another inch since he left and GS2 (2 years younger) is exactly the same height his brother was 2 years ago, I mean within days, so we’re expecting a growth spurt.

In other news, apparently, the daughter’s boyfriend’s car was stolen a couple of days ago.  They’re a 1-car family, so no idea what’s going to happen there, as they only had liability coverage.  But, they would have HAD to get another one anyway with the baby coming.  No way could they put 2 nearly-grown boys and a baby seat in a 2-door Honda Civic.  At least, not sanely.  So, we will see what happens.  Other than the message about the car, haven’t heard anything else.  I am remaining uninvested in this situation.  Boys walk to school and she gets to work w/o a car now, so.

For me, I’m seeking out the simple, and here is a great place to start.  If I don’t get back here before 2013, I wish you all a simple, prosperous, and grateful New Year.


3 thoughts on “My Own Sea Change

  1. Happy New Year and may the sea changes bring new life and new sources of creativity. Love the minimalist look, by the way – and it would offset your photos beautifully, if you choose to post them here. I’ll follow you even to (gulp) Tumblr.

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