Haiku Monday – Sea Changes

Happy New Year to all Haiku Monday players and everyone else.  This is the third time I’ve tried to do this post and each time I was thwarted by my paste function.  Very frustrating, and since I have hungry boys clamoring for breakfast, this will be brief.

Only three players joined us this week, for a total of four haiku.  Karl offered us two:

Speed of change…wrong way
Integrity and honor
Lead to fulfillment

Nanny state control
The net losers rein affirmed
Freedoms rights removed

I think most of us would like to see some kind of change in politics as usual, but not sure if any of us would agree on just what.  Integrity and honor are good places to start, thougth.

Serendipity’s haiku came from a completely different direction:

Weeks in high lonesome;
“Civilization” eschewed.
What’s important changed.

Having spent some time in the “high lonesome” myself, I agree that what’s important changes very quickly when there’s no media around to remind you what you’re supposed to think.

Finally, Fleurdeleo was first on the board with a very personal sort of change:

Unfettered tresses;
locks tossed like twigs onto flames
ignite; hear them roar.

This is also something that I have experienced.  It’s funny how much of our identity can be tied up in our hair and how differently we not only look but look at ourselves when we make a drastic change in something so simple.

I had a difficult time making my choice this week.  Finally, I had to sleep on it, and this morning the winning entry was in my mind when I woke up.  Therefore, congratulations to Ms. Fleurdeleo for winning this week’s Haiku Monday.  We look forward to playing the first round of 2013!

Thanks to all who played and read.



4 thoughts on “Haiku Monday – Sea Changes

  1. Thank you, Grgr! Thanks for hosting and for the thought-provoking theme. I am honored. Thanks, Karl and Serendip for playing too. Just goes to show that the competition is always fierce, even when the entries are fewer than usual. I will mull over a theme, and then post Friday/Saturday ish!

  2. Great job GG, especially with the holiday haiku hiatus! Methinks everyine was doing things elsewhere. Funny how all you need is a few ‘kus, and you have to toss and turn to come up with a winner. I thought you were leaning toward Fleur’s tresses when she posted! Nicely done Fleur!


  3. Good afternoon Grumpy Granny,

    Thank you for hosting. It’s a busy time of year to get a decent turnout. Making the chore of judging less entertaining. Still a fine job.

    Congratulations Fluer! Your unfettered tresses have not gone to waste.

    A footnote: Knowing the difference between rein and reign is one thing. Whether typed correctly or auto corrected is another. The latter is my excuse and I’m sticking to it;)

    • Thanks, Karl. Yes, I understand the woes of typing and autocorrect. And the 140 character sound byte. But, I have to draw the line somewhere. Just don’t get me started on apostrophe abuse! 😉

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