Greeting The Year With MBOs

Sometimes when I’m at the bookstore, I pick up a copy of Sedona Magazine and run through it.  Mostly I check out the horoscopes for fun, but occasionally I find something that is really useful for me.  I’ve said before that I’m not really sure about channeling and other sorts of New Age-y kinds of things.  I think my basic nature is to be skeptical.  I talk a lot about Abraham here, but I can’t say that I believe that there is actually a collective of nonphysical being speaking through a woman from Texas.  I just know that what I’ve read and heard from her/them really speaks to me.  And, frankly, a lot of the stuff in the Sedona publication doesn’t. 

However, a while back, as I reached the end of the particular issue I was reading, there was a column regarding MBOs.  Even with my limited corporate background, the first thing I thought was, “Why is a New Age journal writing about management by objectives?”  Then, as I went deeper into the article, I found a wonderful tool to help in all areas of my life.  In this context, MBO stands for “most benevolent outcome.”  You could call it a prayer, or a wish, or whatever you like, but MBO works for me.  After I read that article, I started practicing it a little bit. 

Whenever I came across a situation that was challenging emotionally, particularly if it was something I had no control over, such as a friend dealing with a rough situation or someone else’s health issues or a crisis in my daughter’s life, I just took a breath and thought for a moment that all I wanted for them was the most benevolent outcome of whatever the situation was.  I personally did not have to know what that outcome was, or even imagine anything in particular.  Just putting my thought energy into a conclusion of benevolence and rightness was enough.

Let me tell you, what a weight off!  Some of my Christian friends have a term, “lift it up” meaning turning whatever their trouble are over to god.  This feels the same.  You realize that there isn’t anything you can really do regarding the situation so you just turn it over to the benevolence of the universe. 

You might say, well, that’s just giving up, but it’s not.  There’s a definite difference.  There’s faith there.  Even thinking that there IS a benevolent end to a troubling situation is helpful.  Allowing that it’s out of your hands and into more powerful or wiser ones is helpful.  Getting out of the way of the best solution is helpful.

I had to work on New Year’s Eve but I stopped at about 11:30 so I could watch the ball drop with GS1.  He’s my night owl, and he really wanted to stay up.  That was fine with us.  I came up to find it had snowed a little bit, and he was on the couch watching a recap show with one of the Wayans brothers.  We watched a little together and I poured him a little spiked eggnog, mixed with some milk.  We toasted the new year, and went outside for just a few minutes to catch a couple of bursts of unregulated fireworks in the neighborhood.  It was too cold to stay out any longer.

We watched the rest of the recap show and then the ‘nog kicked in for him and he was off to bed.  I tucked in, too, and thought about resolutions, goals, new beginnings.  It all seemed like a lot of work to commit to right at the moment. Then, as I started to drift off, MBOs flitted into my head.  It was perfect.  What better thing to focus on in the new year than benevolence?  What better thing than great solutions to whatever issues are troubling me or anyone?  I fell asleep on the first morning of 2013 with only soothing thoughts and woke up feeling refreshed and ready to face another go-round.

Therefore, in the coming year, I wish for all of you a most benevolent outcome to anything that is bothering you.  I don’t know what that outcome will be, but I hold the thought that it will be the best thing possible.  What could be better?

Happy New Year!



3 thoughts on “Greeting The Year With MBOs

  1. I loooooooove this!!!! Thank you so much for sharing this phrase. I was feeling something similar as I awoke this morning but I didn’t have a name for it. Love the phrase and the explanation so much.

  2. A few years ago while in the midst of personal upheaval i came across the term ” to choose what the universe has in store for you as the best solution” it gave me the freedom from picturing exactly what would happen or what the exact answer would be and took a great weight off of my shoulders. Since then i have trusted ( had faith in ) what ever the outcome it will be the right one..and it takes a huge amount of faith to do so. My son in law asked me what i am having faith in if it is not defined as “god” or something similar and my answer was i have faith in the right thing happening. This sounds a lot like what you have found and it sure take a load off of us mere humans doesn’t it? happy new year to you my friend.

  3. This is wonderful, GG. Thank you so much for sharing it. I’m going to start turning my mind in this direction and stop stressing about things I can’t control. Maybe a little challenging at first, I’m guessing, but what the heck… worrying isn’t doing any good.

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