Small Goals Are Still Goals

I’ve been reading some different blogs lately, a couple of which are over there on my blogroll.  The other day, one of them had a post about getting out of debt, things to do, etc.  I was all set to reply with a whiny comment about how little money I make, the difficulty of saving, blah, blah, blah.  Then, I couldn’t do it.  I thought about everything I’ve written about being positive, MBOs, blessings, all of it.  I thought about how, regardless of how little cash I might have had at times in my life, that I always managed to find a way through things, and even though I carry some debt, I am so much better off than most of the people in the world, and quite a few people in this country, the land of plenty.  And I thought, the more I justify why I can’t do something, the more it will come true.

So, I decided to focus on goals instead.  I used to put a certain amount of money in my savings account when I got paid.  With the last job, I quit doing that.  Now, I’ve decided I need to do that again.  It won’t be as much, but that doesn’t matter.  Any amount is good.  When I can, I will increase the amount.  The main thing is just doing it each pay period and letting it add up.  Any amount will add up to more than nothing, right?

The trouble with saving or losing weight or any sort of long-term goal is, as always, fear.  Fear that you won’t make the goal, that you can’t save three thousand dollars or lose a hundred pounds.  The trick is break that ultimate, seemingly unreachable goal down into small steps you CAN make.  If I think of saving, say, a thousand dollars, I get really freaked out.  But if I think about putting ten dollars away each week, well, that’s just a couple of lattes that I have to forego.  I can do that, easy.  One day, one dollar at a time, the goal becomes more real and more reachable.  If you can rephrase a goal into language that is simple, it becomes easier. 

I’m going to work on these little goals and watch them add up.  If I want to clean up my office, I don’t have to take four whole days and clean the entire office at once.  I can pick one area, one in box, one shelf or even part of a shelf and get that situated.  Looking at that will make me want to do more.   Also, I can follow through.  I have several piles of papers in my office right now that are destined to be shredded, but I haven’t taken them upstairs to the shredder.  I need to follow through.  Clean the area, sort out the papers and then, when I go upstairs, TAKE THEM WITH ME.  That’s definitely an area I can improve on. Finish what I start.  Rest assured, when I leave the office after writing this, I will have a sheaf of papers in my hands!  When I worked at the Marriott, my boss taught me never to enter or leave a room without something in my hands.  It was good advice in the banquet business and it’s good advice now.

Don’t be afraid of small goals.  They’re still goals, and they’re worthwhile.  Set them, follow through and then brag about it.   In fact, if you’ve set some goals and are achieving them step by step, I’d love to hear about it here, so take a minute and share your success.  Good job!


6 thoughts on “Small Goals Are Still Goals

  1. Small goals are almost the only way to accomplish anything! Last year I lost around 20 pounds and I need to lose another 20 (or 30). It was slow going and sometimes frustrating but I just have to stay on track and it will continue. Hold the good thought and carry on!

  2. I like this. I’ve been trying to apply it in a larger sense to my entire life. In other words, instead of having lots of different things I want to do, focus down to two or three. Then anything that leads me to one of those goals stays in my life; anything that does not, goes. This post is a good reminder to me.

  3. i think the thing that amazes me most is how my fretting about getting something done-saved-lost makes it seem like a huge task but when actually set upon the time is nearly always a fraction of the time i thought it would take to accomplish said task…my mind seems like a time warp sometimes and it is important to remember that my reality doesn’t have to be one…i so agree about one step one box one drawer one painting at a time and it will all get done.

  4. Wow! You are so good. I always look forward to your posts and tweets, trying to capture something that I can take to enrich my life. I think I can put something to use from here to get ready for income tax time. So often, I get bogged down with the whole project. Maybe I can break it down. I’ll let you know.

  5. I was quite stagnate for years due to the rejections and refusals so I started coming up with varied wild ideas to overcome the hesitancy to perform the action. I cannot tell you the amount of negative feelings that fell away from me and all the reasons for the stalling and stopping on my goals when I discovered the reason behind procrastination.

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