Climate Change Much?

This is the view of the park across the street this morning:

dust (640x480)

That’s DIRT in the air, folks.  We’re expecting wind gust of up to 70 mph today and despite storm windows and double glazing, the air in the house tastes like dirt.  It’s dry as a bone here and even though they may get up to 20″ of snow in the mountains, here at the edge of the prairie, we’re desiccated and the fire danger is high.  We had the day planned full of activity, but now we’ve decided to stay in for most of it.  Suddenly my schedule is empty. It feels very weird, especially when the sun goes away with a new wave of dirt.  I haven’t seen anything like this in 20 years of living here.


2 thoughts on “Climate Change Much?

  1. Noooo….. I thought that was a lovely, foggy photo & that it’s dirt is AWFUL. Makes me think of summers in northern California when the “fog” is smoke from forest fires. That’s a pretty regular occurrence, though. What’s not is the days and days of sub-freezing weather we’ve been having. I do not understand people who can look at the crazy ass, unusual weather patterns and still act like climate change is a myth.

  2. Cheree, I WISH it was fog! Yeah, whatever the cause, I just don’t see how anyone can argue that global climate isn’t undergoing some major shifts.

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