Using What’s Given

It’s Monday morning, which means it’s Friday for me, and I have just been called off work, hence this post.  I could go on about how I’m beginning to worry that I was sort of hired under false pretenses; that is, the recruiter told me that there was so much work on this particular account on the weekends that the company was willing to have folks on this 3-day on, 4-day off schedule, so I bought it.  The reality has not been the case.  I’m willing to concede holiday season and all that, but now I have come to realize that we are on some kind of a quota system with this hospital complex, and once we meet the amount of contracted work, then we’re done.  Also, most people have a secondary or back up account, and I don’t.  I know I’m new, but still.

However.  One of my other decisions for this year is to quit complaining, especially since I have nothing to complain about.  So, instead of fretting about lost hours, lost minutes, less on the paycheck, I’m going to use this time gift that I’ve been given.  Writing this post was the first thing that popped into my head.  Working on a couple of stories (STILL with the sad old novel) and trying to figure out how best to research a couple of subjects for some new stories.  I’m kind of a write first and research later writer, but for the things I have in mind, I need to do some research before I even start, so I get off on the right foot.

In the news of small goals, I am having a bit of success there: I put money in my savings account for the second week in a row, and I cleared out the space under the bottom shelf of my office bookcase and recycled or repurposed lots of things under there, mostly related to computers or dictation equipment.  Now there’s just one box of file folders and I started to go through that, but realized it has some very precious items in it, so I need to take my time with that.  It can stay there.  De-cluttering and organizing doesn’t mean tossing out things that mean a lot to you.  Even so, my office area feels lighter and larger already.  Definitely a good thing.

And now, looking at the time, it seems I’ll be able to get to the Monday Silver  Sneakers class at the gym, which I miss due to work.  Starting on Friday, I’ll be meeting with the trainer who teaches the class for private sessions.  G. is looking at shouder surgery and is giving her remaining sessions to me.  I’ve never worked with a trainer before, so this should be interesting.  He’s a perfectly lovely young man, about 24, and reminds me strongly of Prince Harry, so I plan on having fun with this.

With luck, there will be more work this afternoon, but for now, I’m going to enjoy this gift of time.


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