Remember that old chair that I wrote about a while back?  We finally got around to calling our go-to upholstery guy around Thanksgiving and we got the chair in to his shop.  He immediately recognized it as a Flexsteel piece and was suitably impressed.  Then he said, sort of anxiously, “I suppose you want this back before Christmas?”  We said, no, we didn’t because the space the chair occupied was where we were going to put the Christmas tree (only we didn’t get a tree, after all), and his sweet little face just lit up, “You DON’T?”  No, really, we didn’t.  Always nice to make someone happy. 

Last week, he called and said the chair was ready, so G and I went over after the gym and picked it up.  Man, that guy does good work.  We chatted a little bit about it, about how throw-away our society is today and how what he does for a living is becoming a lost art.  Then we took our chair home, transformed and renewed:

chair (480x640)



chair2 (480x640)

Isn’t it lovely?  Plus, we had a lot of fabric left over, so I think G will probably make a couple of pillows for the couch.  And here it is with one of the other chairs he re-covered, a nice little grouping by the window.  By downsizing our furniture over the last couple of years, and using older pieces, we’ve actually increased our seating area to accommodate more people, and the room still feels open.

chairs (640x480)

I can’t tell you how happy I am with this chair.  It is so comfy and I love sitting there with my morning coffee and looking out across the park.  We love our living room now, and would be happy to invite anyone in for a visit.  Just a great feeling.  And I’m toying with the idea of contacting Mr. Upholsterer and asking him if he would like to train an apprentice.  Seriously.


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