Very Interesting

Friday I have my first session with a personal trainer.  I inherited these sessions from G because it’s likely that she’s looking at shoulder surgery in the near future, and she felt like she couldn’t utilize the sessions to her best advantage without the possibility of doing more damage, and the gym was kind enough to transfer them to me.  I’ll have 12 sessions–enough to make a real difference in my habits if I’m disciplined enough.  Last Friday, we sat down and talked about goals, fitness, etc.  He’s the same guy who leads our Silver Sneakers class 3 days a week, and as I think I mentioned before, he’s a pretty good likeness of Prince Harry.  He’s also (just) 24, and probably one of the nicest young men I’ve ever met.  His focus is working with people who are older or who might have some kind of physical situation (like G) who might not be able to just walk into a gym and blast through a heavy workout.  I sat with him and discussed my diet, fitness level, weight, etc.  Trust me, these are not easy things for me to talk about, and he put me completely at ease.  He even had to weigh and measure me, which I survived without feeling the least bit judged or compared with anyone else.  I told him that they way he has about him with people is just not something that can be taught.  Also interesting was that when I brought up my trip to Spain (to give an idea of activity level and things I liked to do), he and his girlfriend had actually watched the movie “The Way” and were thinking about doing the walk!  Apparently, he’s also an avid backpacker.

So, I’m off on this new adventure over the next 12 weeks.  One of the tools he gave me was something called My Plate at  I had already been signed up at that website for a couple of years, but hadn’t really done anything with it.  But let me tell you, My Plate is great!  I put in my height, weight and gender, and it gave me the number of calories I could (or needed to) eat to maintain that weight.  Obviously, very generous amount.  I started tracking my intake on Friday and have been pretty good about it.  I’m getting to be really good friends with my 1/2 cup measure!  So, you can put in what you eat (brand name or just the food, for instance, carrots), and it gives you an option to choose the serving size by cup, ounces, serving, teaspoon, whatever.  Then it adds up the calories and subracts it from the total to let you know what’s left.  Also, you can put in your own recipes and  it will give you the calorie value per serving, just like a label in the grocery store.  THAT is really handy, since we don’t eat a lot of processed/boxed foods.

Then, there’s a “fitness” area where you can put in your activity, and how much you did of it.  That calculates how many calories you burned and then it subracts it from the intake, giving you the net calores for the day.  Here’s what so interesting–after watching my portion sizes, and being very aware of what and when I eat, in nearly a week I haven’t even come CLOSE to the total numer of calories I’m “allowed” at my current weight.  AND, the best part?  I haven’t felt the least bit hungry or deprived.  I’m eating everything I want, just paying attention to it.  We even had KFC the other day, only I just got the chicken and made our own potates and veggies to go with it.  I have to say, this is a real eye opener.  It’s great on a lot of levels–smaller portions, making me pay attention to what and how I’m eating, being able to figure out how many calories is in my home-cooked things, all of it.  Now, he’s put together some personalized workouts based on what we talked about, and so I’ll have those to do either at the gym or at home, plus the SS clases, plus the pool (which I must get back to), so I really have no excuse to siginificantly up my fitness level over the next couple of months.  He said we would do another weigh/measure in about 6 weeks, and I hope to see some good results.

Oh, and the best thing?  I went to the grocery store and finally, FINALLY! Yoplait has made a LEMON Greek yogurt with only 100 calories and just 9 g of sugar.  I must go congratulate them.  Life is good. 😉


2 thoughts on “Very Interesting

  1. That all sounds exciting! I’ve been on a renew-my-health adventure too, though I haven’t written much about it on my blog, and it’s been so wonderful. I hope you continue to enjoy it all!

  2. Very interesting, indeed.

    I started a 61 day plan on December 1st to prepare for Iliac artery surgery on Jan 31st. Weight loss optional, but welcome. My goal is just to be in good cardiovascular shape and strong.

    My cardiologist is into Kettlebells so I decided to add them into my last six weeks to honor him for everything that he has done for me. The results, sometimes subtle, sometimes dramatic, have kept me motivated.

    I even found a site and bought him a little one pound kettlebell paperweight. Can’t wait to thank him for his wonderful support and encouragement.

    Thank you for sharing!

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