I Like…

…vibrant colors, music in minor keys, redheads, sharp citrus scents and flavors, the sound of snow falling,  dawn and dusk, the fleeting changes in the  quality of light, afternoon sun against steel-gray  clouds, thunderstorms and lightening, and the taste of ozone in the air, food that sings and zings, art that makes me cry, poetry that guts me, the smell of sunrise, the sound of the full moon, bird calls in the morning, anything sung by kd lang, played by Chris Spheeris, acted by Helen Mirren, written by Manda Scott, Robert Crais, Elizabeth George, Dougla Preston, Lincoln Child (I could go on), silence, solitude, the house at 3 am when the rest of the world is asleep, being the first person in the pool, standing in a place where you can’t see the power lines, can’t hear the planes overhead, can’t smell exhaust fumes, but can touch the sky, the percussion of drums in my head, fires outside in winter, the taste of my lover’s mouth, the feel of chocolate-cake dirt crumbling through my fingers, driving on back roads, stopping at roadside fruit stands, riding on trains, sitting in airports, sharing my lunch, riding the bus, libraries, wide streets, old trees, strong women, and comfortable shoes.

So, tell me, what do you like?


7 thoughts on “I Like…

  1. I like roses and autumn leaves, candlelight and looking in through evening windows at the life inside. Blue and purple and glitter, black hats and black cats, silver, poetry, promises. Friends, love, chocolate and coffee. Farmers’ Markets on Sunday morning, honey sticks, sunflowers, fat radishes, warm bread, sultry strawberries. Learning, seeing, museums, long walks. Short hairs, jeans, boots and floggers, laughter, wickedness and intelligence. Fierce eyes and soft lips. Secret notes. Making love. Fucking. Everything in between. Movies, ALL the movies, music, paintings, sculpture, Rodin. Sharktopus, chili cheese Fritos, thin white tank tops, country music. Lyon (been,) Rome (been,) Milan (been,) Stratford upon Avon (been,) Florence (someday.) Apple orchards on summer nights, creeks too cold to drink but you do anyway, swimming, surprises, adventure, blood. Dancing, love, dancing. Reading. Teaching. Learning. Love. T, K. This blog, this author. Delight. Patience. Honor. Honesty. Compassion. Friends.

    • Yes. I wrote the above after getting off work at midnight, whatever the day was. I was beat but needed to write something. I could have gone on and on, but my eyelids were really starting to droop, so I had to quit. Beautiful list. Thank you. How could I have forgotten glitter? 🙂

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  3. Oceans, beaches, Halloween, gardens, lavender, hammocks, Thai food, butter, more love, kisses, kisses, kisses, kisses. Once you start, it’s really hard to stop.

  4. I posted these to UncommonCuriosity, but will share with you as well:

    I like sunshine on my shoulders, beaches and river banks, grilled steak, reading bedtime stories to my small person. I like kisses and hugs and more kisses. I like greeting old friends I haven’t seen in a while. I like enthusiastic, loud, fast, messy sex and I like slow, steady, drawn-out sex. I like dark chocolate and dark beer and reaching out in the dark to find a lover. I like words and music and the deep green of forest paths. I like sitting quietly and watching clouds move and reshape. I like sending pictures to friends. I like the way my daughters giggle when I tickle them. I like strong handshakes, steady gazes and honesty. I like to help and rescue and save the day. I like naps, a lot, especially on lazy weekend afternoons with the sun filtering through the blinds. I like soft, quiet, still moments. I like the smell of hot pavement after a summer rain. I like the smell of bread baking and onions cooking and bacon, oh, bacon! I like the thrill of inspiration and the adrenaline pulse of insight. I like a cold, cold Diet Coke when I’m thirsty. I like many of the things you said, too.

    I like the moment of creation and the drunken feeling I get when the Muse has a hold of me and doesn’t let go.

    I like you, a lot. I like NF and my wife and my kids and Nic and my truck and the way my Levis fit. I like work boots and leather gloves and sweat. I like flirting, charming and being charmed, good team work and group success.

    I like life, despite the way it kicks me around sometimes.

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