A Little Help?

Just after midnight on my hump day, and I am headed to bed ASAP.  Between exercise, gym, and now quilting class and homework, I’m really trying to hang on to this blog.  So, I’m reaching out to my wonderful readers (if you’re still there after my little hiatus).  Give me some suggestions or ask me a question if you’re so inclined.  I need a little boost, a push in whatever direction you’d like to see me go in.  If you’re curious about anything Grumpy, now’s the time to ask.

Thanks in advance.  Time for some ZZZZs!


9 thoughts on “A Little Help?

  1. The garden- been a while since an update. The season Grumpy loves most. Grumpy’s thoughts on holding love close, but not too close. want more?

  2. What are you reading? What are you listening to at the gym if anything? How are things going at the gym? Free weights or machines? What does your quilt look like or what will it look like? Any new pets? Do you know how to make lemochello (sp)? Do you lose sock in the washer or dryer? How many woods would a woodchuck? Ok, I either need coffee or a nap.

    • I’m new to your blog, Grumpy, so I have no real request. But I am interested in finding out who you are, since people are writing such nice things about you. 🙂

      Thanks, Making Space, for mentioning my blog! You are so sweet!!

  3. I second the request for more garden updates and photos – that’s the reason I found your blog in the first place. But you know me – photos of anything and everything would be just fine. 🙂

  4. Hi–from a longtime pal! I don’t have any questions, I just enjoy stopping in to catch up on your life. Not as good as hanging out at some pizza-joint-that-shall-remain-nameless after a theatre production, or chatting over coffee in the dining hall. But thanks to the internet’s capacity for overcoming geography, it’ll do!

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