Contrary To…

…how it may seem, I’m still alive.  I think.  For the first time since 1974, I think I got the flu.  Ran a fever, which I almost never do, and felt rather like large men had been beating me up during the night, so I’m saying it’s the flu.  Better now but still hacking, coughing and feeling generally malaised.  Missed an entire DAY of work (yeah, it’s bad when you can’t even sit at a computer), but I’m making it up this week, a few hours each day.  Gratitude increases for working from home.  Not motivated to cook, hardly motivated to eat.  Chai tea is about the only thing that sounds reasonably good.  Odd, the moment I don’t want coffee in the morning, I know something is off, but it’s a good indicator.  Highly recommend Mucinex cold, flu and sore throat liquid for symptom relief.  Helps with aches and pains and you don’t feel over drugged.

Reading books.  Watching TV.  Sweating.  LOTS of sweating.

I’ll be back soon, I promise.


3 thoughts on “Contrary To…

  1. Feel better soon! I’m calling this year’s weird illnesses The Plague. I sent two students home just yesterday. Silly kids, trying to come to school when they are sick.

    Rest up, that’s an order.

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