Today, I hauled myself out of bed and got ready for my next session with my trainer at the gym.  Once again, I wondered why I scheduled this for Tuesday, which is my Saturday, when all I wanted to do was crawl back under the covers and sleep until noon.  But I set up the appointment precisely BECAUSE it was Tuesday and I had been sitting on my butt typing for the last three days.  Well, we went to the gym on Sunday and I did about 45 minutes on elliptical and stair stepper, but that was about it.  Hence, the Tuesday motivator into the off time.

My right shoulder has really been bugging me. There’s a spot just where the arm bone connects to the shoulder bone, in that little space, like a knot or bunched up muscle or something but it hurts the most when I try to raise my arm directly in front of me, like when you’re reaching into a kitchen cabinet for a plate. OUCH. It’s exactly the same thing that G is dealing with which makes me think sometimes I just inherit her pain. Do people do that? If so, I’d rather not, thank you.  Anyway, my trainer has set up two separate routines for me, and I was trying to figure out which one would hurt my arm the least.  We finally got ourselves sufficiently caffeineated and out the door, and when I got to the gym, I was a few minutes early and went to pull out the equipment for the workout I had decided on.  As I was getting out the weights, mats, etc., I noticed some boxing gloves that I hadn’t seen before and thought, Hmmmm. Shortly, Devin, my trainer, came in and we were talking about workouts, etc., and then he asked me if, maybe next week, I would like him to put together something different.  I said,

“I saw those boxing gloves in there…”

“Oh, would you like to spar? We could set that up…”

“Yes!  Yes! I want to do that now, can we do that today?”  I had no idea that I would be so enthusiastic, but suddenly trying to hit a moving target sounded like the perfect workout.  Devin, being the nicest young man on earth, said sure, and went to get the gloves.  In less than five minutes we were ready to go.  He gave me some brief instructions on various punches, rhythm, etc. and then we started.  We did several quick bouts of 30 seconds, then rested for the same.  Then I did squats.  Then we sparred again.  Then push ups.  More sparring, then lunge-walking across the room.  And sparring.  I think I might have surprised him a couple of times, because I had no trouble HITTING.  I can’t tell you how satisfying the WHACK of my boxing glove hitting smack in the MIDDLE of his padded palm felt.  The sound was perfect.  My goal became to make my left hand hit as hard and as accurately as my right.  I was focused and intent.  I got into it.

And workout?  Let me tell you, that workout was nearly eight hours ago and if my arms weren’t propped on the table while I type this, they’d be falling limply to my sides. Spaghetti, and overcooked at that.  That was A. WORK. OUT.  After half an hour, I can see why pro boxers train for a year before they fight anyone.  And we didn’t even jump rope.  Shhhh! Don’t say that too loudly, you’ll give Devin ideas!

Now, we have a heavy bag here in the garage.  G, bless her heart, bought it for me at a garage sale a couple of years ago, and when I go out and ride my bike on the trainer, lots of times I’ll put on my gloves (yes, I have my own boxing gloves) and go at the bag.  But it’s not the same as working with a real person, who moves you around the room.  Sort of like dancing with a partner versus flailing around the room by yourself.  I don’t much like watching boxing, but I was completely surprised by how much I enjoyed this workout today.  I really got into it.  I’m not meeting with Devin for two weeks, since GS1 will be with us next week, but I think I see more boxing in my future. 

Who could have predicted THAT???


3 thoughts on “Sparring

  1. Try doing that three times a week! I did when I was younger. Now today,…. I have to give you credit! I got my black belt in karate on 89 and it took all I could to achieve it. I have worked out since but it gets a lot harder as the years go by. Bravo Linda!

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