This Will Be Quick

So, they started inducing labor around 10 pm last night, nearly 24 hours ago.  That was with some kind of “pill” that went on the cervix to start dilation.  Then, this morning, they added a pitocin drip.  This is supposed to really speed up things, but apparently it didn’t work. About 20 mins ago, I got a call from Sammy’s (the baby daddy) sister saying they were taking her back for a c-section.  Since she has that cyst on her ovary, I guess they’ll take care of that, plus tie her tubes all tonight.  So, the down side is an unexpected c-section, but the up side is no need for a trip back to the OR.  I’m hoping for another call soon.

We’re going up next week to see a college friend of mine who’ll be in Denver for business and spend some time with her then.  Hopefully, she’ll be feeling a little better.

Depending on things, I may or may not make my goal of a post a day, but in the meantime, how about a picture of spring break at Gramma’s?? 😉

springbreak (480x640)


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