Good morning! It’s April 9 here in Pueblo, and we are expecting a blizzard, and not the kind from Dairy Queen.  Currently, it’s a lovely 23 degrees (Fahrenheit) with a 25-mile-per-hour wind with gusts up to 40.  Wheee.  We haven’t had any snow yet, but everything around the yard that was loose has blown somewhere else and wedged tight. I’m very happy and grateful to be down here in this snug little basement with the gas log heater going, watching the tops of the trees sway in the wind. (Note: While I typed this, the temperature dropped 3 degrees.  It’s now 20.)

This is going to be a completely random post.  I don’t have a clue where it’s going, I don’t have any great idea, story or soapbox this morning.  I finished up work at midnight, but I drank 2 cups of coffee during the last half of my shift, and of course I wasn’t ready to hit the sack, and with the wind as it was, the hot tub was out of the question.  So, I spent some time catching up on DWTS.  I know it sounds petty and superficial, but I hate missing that show when I’m working. I just love how dancing really opens up and changes these folks’ lives.  I always come away from an episode feeling uplifted in some way, and for TV, that’s  pretty incredible.

Tomorrow, we’re headed up to Denver to see an old college friend who’s in town for a business conference.  It will be great to see her, and hopefully, the wind will have cleared the blizzard out and the weather will be decent.  We’re spending the night, and taking Skittles to a dog-friendly hotel, just to see how she travels.  Then on Thursday, we’ll head a little bit north and see the new baby.  Of course, the camera will be ready.

Oh, man, I just looked up and it is snowing like CRAZY outside.  This just started.  The wind is still howling, so I wonder how much of it will stick.  Wow.  Reminds me of my first spring here, when I planted tomatoes on April 15, and two days later, they were under 6″ of snow!  Got them covered and had a great crop later, though.

In other news, I found out the reason my arm hurt so bad was that my shoulder joint was out of place.  Yes, OUCH. I went to my wonderful chiropractor and he got it back in. It’s still sore, but he gave me some exercises to stretch out the joint, and I think it’s getting better.  I was hoping for a swim today, but now…probably not.  Yoga, maybe.

So, rather than bore you with more non-events in my mundane life, I’ll call it quits for now.  I’ll try to be more scintillating in my next post.  Happy week!


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