I’m behind. Was gone most of 2 days this week (Weds and Thurs). Saw the baby, caught up with an old college friend, went to GS2’s school and did an afternoon program with him, which got us back in Pueblo after 9pm.  Grocery shopped and “cooked up” yesterday while G cleaned the windows.

And got this photo:

standoff (366x640)

Skittles is the quietest dog I’ve ever had. She went nearly 3 months w/o barking at all and makes almost no noise even when she’s really excited.  But she’s definitely a terrier. She stood there for a loooonnnng time, just daring that squirrel to come down. Eventually, G started the vacuum cleaner, which was an even bigger target, so Mr. Squirrel escaped.  Whew!


7 thoughts on “Standoff

  1. I don’t live in squirrel territory but I sometimes wonder what Goldie would do with a squirrel on the premises. I don’t think she’d be as patient as a terrier. Skittles rocks.

    • No squirrels in Hawaii? I didn’t know that. Pray one never hitches a ride on some boat. They’re cute and kinda funny, but can be mean and do serious damage if they happen to get inside a building. It’s one reason we closed up our dog door–squirrels were getting too curious.

    • ML, no, Sandra E. was in town for a bus. conference. It worked out very well. It was great to see her, have drinks and dinner, and catch up on life. When are YOU coming to visit Denver? Hint, hint! 😉

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