Happy May Day!

maysnow (480x640)

The above photo was taken about an hour ago.  It’s currently 29 degrees and still spitting snow/sleet. Welcome to springtime in the Rockies! Seriously, though, I’m thrilled.  We need this moisture so badly after our high and dry winter. No one wants to see a fire season like we did last summer.  A year ago it was already in the high 90s and head to nearly a month of over 100 degree temps with NO moisture. I’ll take this every time.  I just hope the cherry tree makes it through to give me enough cherries for a cobbler this year. 

In other news, this morning, before the snow started, we had a REAL gift:

bbird (640x479)

A mountain bluebird! Honestly, I’ve lived in CO for 20 years, and have seen the bluebirds on my drives out into the open country, but even with all our feeding and encouraging, this is the first time I’ve seen a bluebird in the yard. I was thrilled! He hung around all day with the female, so I HOPE they’ll be tempted to stay a while.  We were so excited.

Completely changing the subject, I’ve been doing a lot of reading on simplicity, happiness, etc. lately.  I’ve always considered myself a pretty happy person, even at times when the circumstances were anything but. It’s a feeling that lies within, a kind of connectedness to the flow of life, a realization that there is more than whatever it is you might be experiencing at the moment that could be quite unpleasant. But you realize that circumstances aren’t permanent, and if you can handle it with any aplomb at all, then you’ll probably gain some skills to get you over the next bump in the road. Plus, I can always find a reason to laugh, even in the darkest times.  I keep Monty Python and Damn You, Autocorrect handy!

I’m also considering taking this challenge.  Yes. I know. Me, the foodie, the happy carnivore, considering vegan. Even for a week.  It’s something, isn’t it? But I’ve also been thinking about waste, leftovers, cooking smaller, trying to prep stuff to be ready to cook, so that I can just toss something in a pan for the two of us very quickly and vegan definitely lends itsefl to that.  For instance the other night, dinner was a spinach-mushroom omelet  and homemade hashbrown.  Yes, I know eggs aren’t vegan, but it’s an example.  I’m trying to cook for G and her acid problem, especially on weekends when I’m not really inclined too cook, but I’ve been making stuff and then she forgets to eat it.  Yes, she forgets. Go figure. I have forgotten lots of things in my life, but never to eat. Anyway, I mentioned it to her, and we’re considering it. Thing is, she’s found that a piece of cheese at night helps her with hunger and doesn’t get her acid going. Whatever, we’re not going to be militant about it.  If I can do a week of 98% vegan, I’ll consider it a success.  Thank goodness for my experience with Battle Tofu last year! I’m already starting to think of veggie stock, modifying favorite recipes, etc. I really think the most difficult thing for me will be giving up the half-and-half for my coffee. Almond milk just isn’t the same, even though I like it in just about anything else.  If I decide to take the plunge, I’ll let you know how it goes.

In the meantime, I hope everyone is having a fabulous May Day. Get a little sun for me, willya?


One thought on “Happy May Day!

  1. We’ve had sun here, tempered by intense vog (volcanic smog). It slows everybody down. It’s heavy around here when the vog gets bad. Your snow pics look very cleansing. I hope you are enjoying your weather more now, and with fewer fears of fire.

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