The Random Garden

I was going to write about the garden this time, but it’s getting late, I’m tired, and I want to go up and read before I crash. So, some photos intstead. However, just a few words of explanation.  We’re doing rather random planting this year.  Veggies in with the flowers, seeds in pots and straw bales, perenniels in with the meadow grasses,etc. We’ve already forgotten where we planted some things, so we’re just going to have to be careful about weeding. The garden has only started to come on in the last couple of weeks because we’ve had kind of a cool, start/stop spring. I’m not complaining. Enjoy! Delphiniums, cornflowers, and Johnny Jump-ups:

delph2 (480x640)

The meadow coming along.  Native grasses and wild flowers, along with some veggies (lettuce in the back), garlic, sunflowers and perennials we just planted.  This won’t be mowed or cut till the fall.

meadow (480x640)

Lettuce, dill, spinach, kale, chard in the greenhouse.

grhouse (480x640)

Okra in a pot!!! I’m trying it again from seed. This is on the south edge of the back porch and they seem to like it. G also found me 3 okra plants, so they’re out in the front yard.  We’ll see if I manage to get enough to freeze this year.

okra (640x479)

Beans in straw bales:

beanstraw (640x480)

Some of the various patio pots, pallets, and baskets:

backyard (480x640)

Basil and Cuban oregano, strong aroma, a succulent. Eggshells will go in the compost later.

basil (480x640)

A sea of pinks:

pinks (640x480)

Mr. Bulloch, the oriole, is back, along with his Mrs.

mroriole (640x554)

And some new additions to the front–painted wheels, prayer flags, and there’s more beans and canna lillies planted in there, too. We’ve got beans and various kinds of squash everywhere. In month or so, you probably won’t be able to see any ground for the vines!

front (480x640)

And finally, potatoes in bags:

taterbags (640x480)

And baby grapes.  Dolmades, anyone?

grapes (640x480)

Stay tuned for more garden goodness!


5 thoughts on “The Random Garden

  1. Your garden is so so so so so awesome. I can’t believe you do all of that in a YARD. I’m beyond impressed. And a little hungry.

  2. Amy, it’s easy. I planted 2 zucchini seeds. Just 2. They’re both coming up and if they flourish, that will be enough zucchini for us and the entire neighborhood. I personally planted about 14 bean seeds, 7 each in 2 separate places. They’re bush beans, so if they go, again, plenty from a small number of plants. We have green onions lining just about all the beds–I always seem to use them up and you can leave them in the dirt and just pick as you need. Maybe one of these days I’ll do a video…

  3. I have never seen beans planted in a hay bale! No dirt? Do you need to transplant? Bush beans or pole beans? Can you give me a little more info? This is fascinating me.

    I’m also extremely jealous of your growing season. We are STILL gtting frost warnings : (

    • The beans are in straw bales, not hay. There is a difference. No dirt, we just wet them down and poked in the seeds. It took a while for them to germinate, but there they are. We water them just like we water the stuff in pots. I’m looking forward to seeing how they bear. Good luck!

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