Eating Weeds

Wandering through the garden yesterday, and I remembered an ongoing conversation with/about our next door neighbor. G sometimes gets a little grumpy because he doesn’t weed.  I know, right? Can you imagine?  The neighbor on the other side of him, who we chat with occasionally, said at one time, she got the code enforcer on him and he was exempted from weeding because he said the weeds were food. Hmm. It’s the early, tender time of year, when just about anything sprouting green is edible unless you know it’s poison (most leaves aren’t, roots are another story), and I was rooting for weeds and then I thought, well, if they’re really edible why am I pulling them up and tossing them?

We really have basically only  two kinds of weeds in our yard.  One turns into tumbleweeds, and those are pulled, STAT. The other one is called lamb’s quarters or pigweed and I’ve been futilely pulling it up and tossing it for eleven years.  Usually, it’s just random sprouting, but this year, there’s a little patch under the pergola and it’s kind of attractive:

lambsq (640x480)

Later it gets tall, tough and leggy, but now is the perfect time.  So, I got my bowl, trimmed off a good amount of those, added spinach, baby kale, lettuce, smaller mustard greens, a lovely scallion from the border, and made a big salad.  Washed it all down, slung it around in a towel (better than a salad spinner), ground a little coarse salt, drizzled oil and balsamic over it, and tossed lightly.  But what to go with it? I had one egg from our home-raised eggs, so I dropped it in a skillet and toasted two pieces of some nice olive bread I found at the local, dotted with chevre from Pueblo’s very own CHEESE SHOP (yes, we got one!), and added a few more drops of balsamic. The result? A perfectly sublime and delicious, weedy lunch!

lunch (640x480)

It’s only a “weed” if you don’t want it, so those weeds are going on our menu more often!

Happy weed-eating. 😉



4 thoughts on “Eating Weeds

    • Yes! I forgot dandelions, but really, we don’t have that many in the yard right now. I’ll have to keep those in mind.

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