Haiku Monday – Dance

It’s been a while since I played with any kind of poetry, much less haiku.  I realized I had lost touch with the haiku group and went looking for them the other day and found one of my favorite subjects was the theme this week.  Dance!!  You know I love to dance, to watch dance, even just thinking about dancing brings a smile to my face and can usually pull me out of the worst funk.  Because you know what?  Not everyone who loves to dance is a twig. Thus, without further ado, my haiku on dance:

Music caresses,
Sensuous curves swerve and sway
Ample flesh beguiles.

bigbellies (585x475)


5 thoughts on “Haiku Monday – Dance

  1. It’s a gorgeous combination GG. I dunno much, but I know fun when I see it!

    Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but I have found that the eye is subject to whom is beheld. Dancing, smiling, and being happy is beautiful. *swirl!*

  2. Hey GG, having trouble posting here. Nice to see you back this week. This was a well done pairing. Interesting how graceful some of these overly upholstered figured appear!

    Theme is up at Serendipity,

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