Haiku Monday – Reflection

This week has been amazingly busy, and the Serendipitous One was last week’s Haiku Monday winner and has given us a wonderful theme for the week–reflection.  There are many definitions to that word, the most obvious being an image we might see in a mirror or other shiny surface such as a body of water, an opaque window, etc.  Are the images we see reflected back to us real?  Or are they showing a different reality all together? If you push hard enough, could you sink into a reflection, like Alice falling into her looking glass, and discover entirely new realms?  That’s a big weighty subject for me at the moment, so I chose a lighter view.  One day I was out at the Pueblo City Park snapping photos, and I realized there were a few patches of standing water.  What a different world!

Tiny rain puddle
Reflects larger world above
Wheels roll unnoticed


Reflection can also mean thought, quiet musing on subjects that may disturb us or be dear.  In this case, it was definitely the latter:

The peace of her hands.
I reflect on her tough past.
So much gratitude.



3 thoughts on “Haiku Monday – Reflection

  1. I’m jealous of your poems. I can’t seem to calm enough to put out something a little less biting. Wonderful. Well, at least I can enjoy yours!

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