Haiku Monday – Shallows

Just when I can’t imagine where the current winner would pull out a challenging haiku topic, Fishy2Me grabs us all with this.  On the face it seems a rather simplistic word, but even shallow water can hold mysteries.  My two efforts below:

Wide water ripples,
not deep, but quick, deceptive.
Balance is tricky.


Shallows entice them,
quick-flicking rainbow beauty.
Lucky camera.

trout (640x438)


7 thoughts on “Haiku Monday – Shallows

    • Hi, Foam, and thank you. Yes, those are my photos. The water was at the Great Sand Dunes National Park a couple years ago and the fish were at Lily Lake near Estes Park and Rocky Mtn. National Park. Lovely place. I loves my camera!

  1. Nice entries Granny! Lovely photography although.I like the first one with the low horizon line the best 🙂
    As a child on the Atlantic beaches my sibs and i would play a game in the shallows …just trying to hold our ground as the the sands shifted beneath our feet. …I learned lessons then which still serve me now.
    i guess shallow waters teach deep lessons

  2. I love what you’ve done with the place.

    In my youth I thought I could take on the world. God gave me shallow streams to… teach. Love that Man, but… He can be quite ornery sometimes. Still, a little dip strengthens wisdom which then unlocks doors to a proper ego. Still have to open them though.

    And, you just made me hungry. I have heard fish called stupid for going after hooked food, but never understood that. At least I consider myself just about as gullible. Thankfully I don’t eat in the water. That’s all I’m saying.

    Beautiful pictures and wonderful poems. Last week understated, this week bolder. I hope you enjoy writing as much as I do reading.

    • Thank you, Doom, for your kind words. I love the work of the haiku, the paring down, and I’m very glad you like my efforts.


  3. Days off and all, but I am truly looking forward to your theme. Curiosity kills cats, it just stubs Doom’s toe(s). :p


    Congratulations on the win. I surely liked that poem as well.

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