Haiku Monday – Quiet

breathingtime (640x480)

Good morning.  It’s just after 5 am here in Colorado, my favorite time of day. Why? Because it’s that time when the world is often at its quietest. I’m almost always the only one up around here at this time, except maybe for a few birds and the odd neighbor getting ready for the early shift.  You can see from the above photo some of my favorite early morning things.  Since Fishy chose me to be the winner of this week’s Haiku Monday, I get to choose next week’s theme, and there you have it. 

We live in a loud world.  Even in the most remote places on the planet, the sounds of our mechanized society intrude. We are forgetting how to be quiet and how to be IN quiet.  For this next challenge, let me know how you feel about this. Do you, like me, often crave a quiet place or a moment with no talking or beeping or clicking things? Or does too much quiet make you nervous?  Are you afraid to be alone with yourself without the distraction of noise? Whatever your reaction to the quiet times, I hope you’ll share it here with us.  Below are the basic rules:

Please remember the 5-7-5 syllable format, and also kireji the cutting word which connects two thoughts and,
kigo, a seasonal reference.

Points are given for all of the above and bonus points for clever interpretation of the theme. Visuals are optional but, I’m a shutter bug and a great pairing of visual image and written description is always appreciated.

Please post your entries in the comment section of this post with an “I’m up!” notice if you have posted on your own blog with visuals so we will know to come have a look, and put in a link back here for your readers.  Play is open until midnight on Monday, August 19, Mountain Daylight Time.  I’ll be out of pocket all day on Tuesday, but promise to notify the winner ASAP after that.

I look forward to all of your creativity!


29 thoughts on “Haiku Monday – Quiet

  1. Gosh GG, I wish I could play officially this week with this theme, but I am headed for an Internet blackout for a week. If I happened to win, I could not host.

    But with that said, the quieter, the better. I know people who are uneasy without human sounds crowding round, but that is sure not me!

    My first thought at seeing your theme and write-up was the day after 9/11, when a sound I have been accustomed to all my life – especially having grown up adjacent to an Air Force Base – was suddenly gone. Eerie.

    On September twelve,
    true silence – no planes aloft.
    Only the wind sighed.

    For a visual imagine an empty blue sky…

    Best of luck All, see you bye-and-bye.

  2. You bring up a fascinating discussion. Quiet or not. I don’t fear it, sometimes I have it right through all the noise, no choice. What I am unsure of is whether I want it. Simply, I think, when I need it and sometimes when I want it, as I have said, my spirit creates it. When I have things to do, though, I have to have noise, lots and lots of noise, sound, music. But there is a dark side to the theme, as well. I know it, learned it, was trained in many ways regarding it.

    Still, it’s… a lovely concept to flirt with. Oh, I can’t play to win either. I will be gone for the next week or two or something.

    Whispered to No One

    siliquous of dumb
    no one told, no one knows, shut-
    screams of discontent

    The Roar of the Ethereal

    in my ears, nothing-
    the world shakes, rattles, and grinds
    I hear with spirit


    nothing and no one
    No touch, no smell, no sound ~ shh!
    peace ascends thought

    • Doom, thanks for your entries. Quiet, like nearly all the haiku themes, is a two-edged sword. Sometimes we can be overwhelmed by noise, but to “keep quiet” about something we know is wrong can be devastating. Silence can be golden, but it can also be yellow.

  3. After these I will leave you alone. Others may or may not appear at my place.

    I just can’t quite enjoy, or understand?, quiet unless cocooned in nothingness. I just don’t ever know it, myself, otherwise. Sorry.

    A Moment?

    simplicity of
    soul ~ the cool touch of nothing
    auditory nil

    A Cup of Shutthehellup*

    Solitude of sound
    All I ask. Request denied.
    Tweak soul through the eyes.

    (*a foreign term, I forgot which language)

    • I love this. The image just pops right in there. Who hasn’t had their moment of quiet interrupted by an exuberant canine?

  4. here are my entries visuals will be up tomorrow
    four walls prison makes
    air still heavy with regret
    tears fall silently

    black and blue pattern
    she wears the latest fashion
    secret kept quiet

  5. Good afternoon Grumpy Granny,

    Congratulations on last week’s win. Your topic is given me the start of many, unfortunately only one complete.

    Quiet fall morning
    Broken by honk and report
    Yield Thanksgiving feast

    Becca and Serendipity: Well done

  6. So many wonderful entries. I definitely have my work cut out for me. I wonder who else will appear? Keep on ‘kuing…

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