Haiku Monday – A Quiet Winner


Good morning. I meant to have this post up about 24 hours ago, but life intervened.  It’s back to school time, folks, and I never thought that would mean too much to me again, but here I am with a budding 8th grader and everything that entails.  Today is another day chock-full of various activities, so this will be brief.

First, I was thrilled by all the entries for this week’s theme.  So many different directions a little word can take us, right? Even though not playing to win, Serendipity got us off to a great start with an evocative haiku:

On September twelve,
true silence – no planes aloft.
Only the wind sighed.

Friend Doom, also not able to compete gave us several thought provoking haiku, providing a different perspective on quiet, but my favorite, along with the visual, was this:

nothing and no one
No touch, no smell, no sound ~ shh!
peace ascends thought

For me, the quiet of a snowy day transcends everything else.  Thank you both for playing just for the fun of it. 

One of my readers, Southern Hon, was our first official competitor, and I loved her entry:

Whirring ceiling fan
Electric wind from inside
Quiet can’t compete

Growing up in the South, ceiling fans were de rigueur long before they took over the rest of the country.  I have fallen asleep to the quiet shusshing of the fan above for too many years to remember. Thanks, Hon!

Next up was Foam, who put in three lovely haiku, all of which tugged more than a little at my heartstrings.  My favorite, however, was this:

No spouse, no offspring..
The house is peaceful and quiet.
Outside, tree frogs trill..

After that, Becca gave us two haiku that underscored the darker side of “quiet.” One in particular stayed with me:

black and blue pattern
she wears the latest fashion
secret kept quiet

Next up was Karl with his view of a quiet morning:

Quiet fall morning
Broken by honk and report
Yield Thanksgiving feast

Although I personally am not a hunter, I often watch the geese flying over our house in their season, and this haiku really spoke to me.

Finally, last week’s host/judge chimed in with a haiku that gave me a chuckle:

Millenia noise!
Ceaseless cacophanous Hell.
Please! Summon the Grinch.

So, there you have it.  Lots of lovely, and perhaps not so lovely entries.  All of them, though, brought vivid images to mind, which made it difficult to choose a winner at first.  However, one haiku kept playing in my head long after I first read it.  Therefore, this week’s Haiku Monday winner is…


for her very powerful haiku that I could not put aside.  I wasn’t thinking about this side of “quiet” when I posed the theme, but isn’t that what haiku often does? Makes us look at a common word in an uncommon way.  Becca, I know we all look forward to your theme for next week, and thanks to all for playing.

Now, I’m off!  Cheers,



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