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15 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Oy! How did I miss your move???

    Must have happened while my head was spinning over the past few months from work overload, and I stopped checking the dailies at Bloglines.com. I wondered why I wasn’t seeing new posts from you.

    Welcome to WordPress. How do you like it so far?

    Bright Crow

  2. Hi GG–I’ve followed your blog for awhile now and enjoy reading it. I’m looking at getting into medical transcription and I’m guessing that is what you do. Any chance we could email a little about it? Please email me if you desire and I will respond with my questions/concerns. I’m 34, live in Iowa with my wife (thank you Iowa for letting me marry) and our son. I’m looking for a career change and will tell you a lot more if I hear from you. Thanks so much!!!! (I wasn’t sure of a better way to write to you so feel free to not post this comment obviously.)

  3. Hi GG:
    Got here from My Big Gayborhood, after reading about Lori’s “visit” with you. Had no idea it was virtual, it was so believable!
    I’m 53 years old and came out a couple of years ago, after being married for almost 30 years. Got three adult children – no grandchildren yet, but I must say I am now ready for them. I look forward to reading more of your blog.
    Glad to see you are so happy in your new life.

  4. You’re wonderful!

    …and I’d love you to contribute to my study! I’m an Astrology student conducting a study on Diversity – looking at it through the lens of Astrology – seeing if any consistent planetary configurations or patterns present, or any astrological themes that relate to stages of the individual journey.

    You can read more about the study, and me, as well as participate here:


    I appreciate that some responses will require personal information, so please feel free to share as much or as little as you would like, and know that all contributions and data is confidential.

    Message me if any questions arise and I hope to hear from you.

    ~ Dru Philippe

  5. Wow! Your posts are just awesome. I actually found this because I’m preparing to do the Camino de Santiago in May 2012 and one post led to another!

    I recently moved from Colorado Springs, CO to Blountville, TN (yes, it’s hicksville twice removed) because family lives out here and I could live with them, pay less rent, and then go squander my retirement account with travel. While common consensus is that I should be working and saving for a few more years, I’ve decided to buck the system and go travel before I can’t!!! Turning 54 in a few days (Sunday), I could care less anymore what the rest of the world is thinking!

    So, I thought I would say and let you know I’ll be following your blog! I too have started blogging but I’m still struggling with how to set up all the fun stuff on it so it’s basically very plain and simple!

    Cheri Arnold

  6. Hi Granny,
    just found your site via another site from Latebloomerz. As a granny of 8, I can identify with your story. I did not come out until I was about 59, (very slow bloomer), turned 69 two days ago. Last almost 4 yrs been living in Australia with my sweetheart. Hoping that Doma is overturned this year so we can “come home”.
    Have to check on my drying apricots. New dehydrator. Not sure it’s working right.
    catch you later.

  7. Hi, Marline and welcome! I hope you check back and let me know where in Australia you are. I have dear friends in Adelaide and Glasshouse Mountains. Hope the apricots turn out well!


  8. wow!! I just left a comment t on your recent post, and then headed over here to read a little more about you. I’m inspired!! 🙂

  9. Well, it’s certainly nice to meet you and your family. 🙂
    Thanks for popping on over and sitting a spell. Am looking forward to your haiku.

  10. Good Morning,

    I’m Tracy the customer service manager at PinkSofa.com. Pink Sofa is a global social network for lesbians and we have proudly been providing our service to lesbians and queer women for over sixteen years now.

    I was wondering if you would be interested in a banner exchange? We would like to send our leader board, MRec and mobile banners for your attention. They should link to http://www.pinksofa.com. We would be happy to display your banner or banners too.

    Look forwards to hearing back.

    Kind Regards,

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