Through The Lens

July: Adventure: 07/02/2013:


Jakobsweg 1.Teil  Sept.-Okt.2007 094 (640x535)

July: Adventure: 07/01/2013:



June: Simplicity: 06/28/2013:


park (480x640)

I love my morning walks around the park across the street.

June: Simplicity: 06/27/2013:


summerday (640x225)

Although you can’t see it in the photo, at the moment this was taken, a forest fire was beginning on the east (left) peak in the photo.  From 300 acres that day it grew to 9,000 the next day and is more than twice that now.  Still burning.

June: Simplicity: 06/26/2013:


watersnake (640x544)

June: Simplicity: 06/22/2013:


noon (640x480)

June: Simplicity: 06/16/2013:

be present: breathe:

breathingtime (640x480)

June: Simplicity: 06/15/2013:

recycle/reuse (old window to become an art piece with the quilt blocks below): 

oldwin (563x640)

June: Simplicity: 06/14/2013:

vintage (hand-sewn quilt blocks):

vintage (640x480)

June: Simplicity: 06/13/2013:

fruits/veggies (okra flower buds)

okrabud (480x640)

June: Simplicity: 06/12/2013:


web2 (415x640)

June: Simplicity.  06/11/2013:


pop (640x480)


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