Going, Going…

Monday, 3:10 p.m. here in Pueblo. For me, that means its….FRIDAY!!!  Let the celebration begin!  However, after Thursday’s fabulous foodie indulgence, I will NOT be doing much drinking between now and September. That dinner really did me in.  I was a complete blob on Friday and did not even manage to get up early enough on Saturday for either a bike ride OR a walk.  Plus my neck/shoulder has been acting up again.  I’ve been babying it.  G has this wonderful moist-heat heating pad, so for the last couple of days I’ve been wearing it at work while I type and taking ibuprofen. I had a good massage on Weds. evening from a student at the local college and I’ve been trying to stretch without over-stretching.  The other shoulder pain I was feeling has diminished, so that’s good, I guess.  My trapezius muscle will be my downfall.

It’s also been very hot this week.  We all know how I feel about the heat. Plus, the swamper went out on us. The last electrical/mechanical thing that hasn’t gone belly up this year and, oh, sorry, HELOOO, belly up.  We have a window unit in the kitchen and G borrowed another one from a friend to see if we just want to go with a 2nd one instead of replacing the swamper motor or doing central air. I’m not a huge fan of central air b/c I love opening the windows at night when it’s cool.

So, after the major heat of the day (after about 6 p.m.), I’m heading out to swim this afternoon.  Tomorrow we’ll have the boys (or just one as the older one now likes to stay home) in the morning while my daughter goes to court to get her divorce finalized. Then I have an appointment at the eye doc. I MUST get new glasses.  My eyes are changing rapidly, especially the left one. I can hold my glasses about 6 inches away from my eyes and then everything comes together in great focus.  When they’re on, my left eye has a real problem.  Gotta bite the bullet. 

Wednesday the plan is for another morning swim, then I have to get my head together to plan my part of the menu for 4th of July at B and M’s place.  I’m off on Monday which give me a 3 day weekend, yay!  I’m contributing my grits and green chile casserole (yes I’ll take pictures) and a great napa slaw a la Bobby Flay (more pictures).

In the meantime I have to get some work done on my 2nd (first written) book and try to make a face to face meeting with a police detective to pick his or her brain.  One guy did answer some questions over the phone, but the more I write, the more questions I have. Our little writing group seems to have disbanded but friend G and I are going to attempt to be a group of two and see how that goes for a while.  If you have any suggestions or challenges you’d like to see me tackle here, fire away!

Now it’s time for more heat, another ibu and something to eat before I hit the water.




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