Weekend Project

This is what we (mostly I, believe it or not) did on Sunday:

This was our living room wall, as you can see, at the beginning of January, with the Christmas slipcovers on the couch. We had already picked out the new colors we (I) wanted to switch the room out to:

The little candle holder was my daughter’s Christmas present to us. Not sure where it’s going after we’re done painting, but we like it–the little candles are actually electric (battery powered). I don’t mind painting, am actually a pretty good painter, but painting is the easy part. Getting READY to paint is a bitch, such as moving the furniture (slipcovers now gone):

Taping around the edges:
And then, putting a decent coat of Kilz primer over the red to negate it. I probably didn’t need to do that, since I was going over it with a darker color, but I HATE color bleed through, sure sign of a piss-poor paint job. So, priming was necessary:

Then, FINALLY, you can get to the business of actually painting, and see how it’s going to come out:

And, minus the tape with the furniture mostly back in place:
Of course, during the course of all this, G had to make a trip to Lowe’s, and what does she find? A gallon of the 2nd color we wanted, right paint, right finish, in the mistint section where someone had brought it back. For way less than half of what we paid for this gallon.

Since most of our house was done in mistints from other people’s mistakes, it was only fitting. We’ll use that lighter color on the 2 end walls, and then a color that’s in-between the two on the wall across from the couch. After that, we can rehang all our art work and it’ll be like living in a new house!

Always a new project going chez GG & G!

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4 thoughts on “Weekend Project

  1. Love your new color! You’re so right that preparing to paint is a bitch. Apparently, painting with me is too, because my husband prefers to paint alone.

    And, really? You have Christmas slipcovers? Wow. I don’t have ANY slipcovers. And I really need some, I really do.

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